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Spiders are one type of creepy crawly that can be especially unnerving to have in your home. With some of the deadliest spider species living in Australia, you want to ensure that you and your family are safe from anything that may cause harm in your home. One way is to eliminate the risk altogether. At A1 Pest Management, we offer affordable, prompt and efficient spider control services in locations across New South Wales and Queensland.

For all species of eight-legged nasties

There are many hundreds of species of spiders in Australia.  The most venomous in the Blue Mountains/Sydney are the funnel web spider and the redback spider.

The redback spider is venomous, and is found in mostly dry areas e.g. under seats, under decks/verandahs, under bin lids, rock walls, and unfortunately under children's toys/play equipment. Even outdoor Christmas decorations can make an attractive spot for a redback to nest. Redback spiders have multiple generations in any given year, and can become a problem fairly quickly. To help keep them under control, if you come across their egg sacks (round, and cotton ball looking), you should squash them and throw them in the bin (of course making sure it is clear of the spider when doing so).

Funnel web spiders are quite venomous and live in holes in the ground, with a light web over the entrance of the hole. Funnel Web's will not usually venture too far out of their holes, except in heavy rain, or if they feel threatened.

In case of a bite from a redback or funnel web spider, please seek medical assistance urgently (call 000).

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When it comes to venomous spiders, you don’t want them around. A1 Pest Management have the proper expertise to correctly manage spiders on your property. We provide spider control across Brisbane northside including Aspley, Bribie Island, Caboolture, Caloundra, Chermisde, Deception Bay, Morayfield, Narangba, North Lakes, Redcliffe and beyond!  All spiders are able to be treated by a qualified and experienced technician. Call our specialist technicians for any free advice, or to book a treatment today!