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Destroying your home one bite at a time. Termites, or white ants as they are sometimes referred to, are pests that can eat away at your woodwork (Even a steel frame home has skirting boards). If you identify one of these pests it is natural to look for more in your home or yard and try to find the source. Disturbing them, however, could make the situation much worse. This is where it is very important to call the experts at A1 Pest Management to help protect your house. We are professionals and know exactly how to find their entry points, commence treatment and advise you to the best possible course of action going forward.

Some of the tell-tale signs that you may have termites include, hollow sounding/changes to the timber, the noise of insects moving about in walls, discolouration/peeling of paint, and of course seeing the termites themselves. If you suspect you may have termites, give A1 Pest Management a call immediately so we can help protect you before the problem gets worse.

The dos and don'ts when you have termites


IMPORTANT: Please do not disturb if found (see below for further information)


  • Begin treatment as soon as possible if you have an infestation. The longer you leave it the worse the problem can become (However, a few days to make an informed and calm decision will benefit you, and not have a major impact on the damage).
  • Eliminate entry points for more termites to enter your home and keep piles of debris/gardens/clutter away from the external walls of your home to prevent further termites attacks.
  • Keep your children and pets away from termite infested areas. This is particularly important if any treatment has begun. (We will advise you how best to handle this)
  • Seal any cracks or fill them. The exterior, especially rooves/structural timbers, windows and doors, are important to fix after a treatment has been carried out.

  • Assume all termite treatments are treated the same. There are many options which depend on your specific situation/house and vary in their odour, toxicity and effectiveness.
  • Attempt any major structural treatments of your own. You could end up making the situation worse and wreck the house’s integrity.
  • Think that the problem will sort itself out. No matter what termite infestation you have they will breed and, in time, make the situation much worse.

Australian Standards recommend a termite inspection at least every 12 months. Call our specialist technicians now to arrange a free inspection and quote. Don’t delay, ring A1 Pest Management on 0418 564 334.